It has been a year since the film 'RRR' has released and it has already quit the theatres in India. However, the film seems to be creating waves across the globe. And after winning the prestigious Golden Globe Awards, the film is now on the run for the highly coveted Oscars. Meanwhile, the film has added yet another feather to its cap.

The world-famous American rating website Rotten Tomatoes has now given the Golden Tomato award to the film for the year 2022. This is given for the maximum number of votes a film gets by the followers of this site which totals nearly 2.5 million plus. The fact that 'RRR' has beaten the likes of 'Avatar 2' 'Jurassic World' 'Wakanda Forever' and other Hollywood heavyweights is a matter of pride.

The official announcement of the Golden Tomato was revealed by both the RRR and Rotten Tomatoes teams. No matter the language, or the country, the ratings given by Rotten Tomatoes are always significant. Here's wishing hearty congratulations to the team of RRR and wishing them many more achievements.

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