Recently, some Telugu directors are chasing Tamil stars doing bilingual movies with them. Even if it is a flop here, it will be a hit there and if it is made in two languages, even if the flop seems to be average, the money invested by the producer can be earned back. Moreover, OTT satellite rights, audio rights, Hindi rights etc., will make it a safe zone for producers.

With this strategy, some Tollywood directors have started making bilingual films with Tamil stars since most Telugu heroes' dates are not available. Apart from that, by doing some stories in two languages, there is a chance to expand their market there as well.

Following this formula, films are being made with Tamil stars right from Vamsi Paidipally to Anudeep K.V. It is interesting that some of our directors are looking towards Tamil heroes again despite having already made one film. Recently, young director Venky Atluri made the movie 'Sir' with Dhanush as hero in Telugu and Tamil. Even if it is a routine story, Venky's way of directing the story made 'Sir' a hit. Now Venky Atluri is once again looking towards the Tamil industry for his next project since most Telugu heroes are busy with a series of projects. As long as it works out, it's definitely a win-win.

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