At a time when the election season heat seems to be approaching, the war of words between Andhra Pradesh and Telangana seems to be growing by the day. In what is being seen as an escalation by Telangana, the government of AP has filed a petition in Supreme Court regarding assets division.

It is known that even after eight years of bifurcation, there are many pending issues between both the Telugu states and the centre has been very casual in its approach to solve them. Therefore, time and again, many issues including the crucial assets division in Hyderabad are pending.

Although it was expected that the bonhomie between Jagan and KCR will help in carving out a solution, nothing concrete has been achieved so far. Now, AP has taken the issue to the Supreme Court of India and as expected, it may once again lead to a lot of public fights and political flare up between the ruling governments of Telugu states.

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