There has always been this battle going on in TDP circles and NTR fans whether it is Lokesh or NTR, who is the true heir for senior NTR's legacy. There are always attempts being made to project Lokesh as TDP's savior.

Recently there was a post on iTDP, controlled by Nara Lokesh which depicted slogans that the true heir of NTR has arrived and that he is the right grandson for the great grandfather. NTR fans are fuming that how is this possible when Lokesh belongs to the Nara family through his father.

They feel that this is grave injustice to NTR whose style, stamina, looks and potential is much closer to his grandfather and the legend NTR. They feel that one day or the other, the reins of Telugu Desam party should go and will go to Junior NTR and not Lokesh Naidu, who may be the heir to Kharjoora Naidu but not the senior NTR.

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