Telangana Congress is definitely in the ICU. The party that claimed a right to come to power backed by its intent to create separate Telangana has lagged behind in the race to power. Finally, it has come to a state where it is battling for political relevance in its once stronghold.

The infighting in Congress is always known at both national and regional level. But in Telangana Congress it has reached a state where it is threatening the party’s existence. Even today the party has a grassroots organization that is strong in the rural areas of Telangana.

Its new in-charge Manick Thackeray arrived in Hyderabad and immediately VH started a dharna at the airport and Komatireddy refused to meet him inside Gandhi Bhavan. Many feel that this would be a last chance, given Manick’s experience as Maharashtra PCC chief earlier, to fix Telangana Congress and make it a force in 2023 elections. If not, it may never revive again and go into oblivion.

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