KCR's much publicized BRS had its public meeting on January 18th in Khammam which also included prominent national leaders and a few CMs of other states. The main agenda of this meeting is to make sure that BRS is recognized as a force to reckon with in national politics.

Apart from this main target, KCR also has the task of suppressing or diluting the dissent that may arise within his party due to the backroom efforts of BJP. Although the Moinabad farmhouse episode put brakes to BJP's poaching activities involving TRS MLAs KCR wants to be cautious on this issue.

On one hand, KCR wants to improve the national stature of the party and be recognized by everyone as a serious player and on other hand, he wants to ensure that his leaders are aware that their party's profile has improved and it would be wise to be with KCR than fall in the trap of other outfits.

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