Post bifurcation, the state of Andhra Pradesh has undergone severe challenges and it is nearly 8 years since it happened and the state has not bowed down. Instead, Andhra Pradesh is now turning out to be the salient choice for investments given the various advantages it has to offer.

Spread across a coastline of 974 kms, the business opportunities in AP are ample as it has the network of 6 airports, 6 ports, 123,000 km road network, 2600 km rail network with round the clock power supply. Rich with water resources, the state also has a power capacity of 24000 MW. The state has been ranked as number 1 in the implementation of energy efficiency and Conservation Programmes by the World Bank.

During the year 2018-19, the growth rate of AP was estimated to be 11.02% higher than the national average. As the largest exporter of marine and pharma products in Indian states, AP also has the largest offshore gas field in the Krishna-Godavari basin. It is also the largest producer of oil palm and fruits in India. While the industrial output was marked at $35.1 billion in Fy 2019-20, it is witnessing an year on year growth of 5.67%.  Last but not the least, the special economic zone at Sri City is today the house for 180 companies from 27 countries. What more can an investor ask for?

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