For the last few months, TDP head Chandrababu Naidu has been running from pillar to post holding public meetings. He is trying to build the momentum for his party so that it gets converted into some sizable voting during the upcoming election. However, it appears that his efforts are not really working the way they should.

Just recently we mentioned how the Kuppam area which is Naidu's strongest fort is now cracking, thanks to the huge number of fake votes and YCP's initiative to flush them out. Now, it is heard that Chandrababu is targeting yet another area to make his presence felt but is just not able to do so. This is Chandragiri in Naidu's home district, Chittoor.

Buzz is that Naidu is now planning to do some activity in Chandragiri but everything is falling in vain because of one person, YCP leader Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy. Reports say Bhaskar Reddy is building his image among the people of Chandragiri in such a strong way that no dents are occurring. He is attending to their needs and fixing their problems in a big way. Incidentally, though Bhaskar Reddy is not seen much, his son is taking care of the whole activities which are causing a great difficulty for Chandrababu. It now remains to be seen what will be the next step of Naidu in this area.

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