Reaching 100 crore collections is possible for stars, but this is not a mean feat for young heroes. However, young hero Nikhil achieved this last year in the form of 'Karthikeya 2'. The film became a pan India hit earning more than 120 crores worldwide and it was a new record for a Telugu film.

His recent film '18 Pages' was however not a pan India content film due to some flaws and being a love story. However, he is now targeting a 100 crores collection again with his next film 'Spy'. The film is directed by Garry B H who was the editor for Gudachari and HIT-1 and HIT-2.

Already the stills of the films have earned a good buzz and Nikhil is confident that this upcoming summer release film will definitely become a pan India blockbuster owing to its unique content and making style.

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