As a hero, one might score the best of hits and command a great fan following but in the Tollywood parlance, a real superstar is the one who is able to win the hearts of the mass audience. As a result, there are many heroes who aspire to get into that league and end up doing mass roles even if it doesn't fit their personality.

Now, it is the turn of yet another hero who is not an ordinary one. He is none other than Natural Star Nani. Since the start of his career, Nani set a separate path for himself through his movies and that way he won the hearts of the women audience and family audiences. However, it is now heard that Nani is also eyeing the much coveted mass hero tag.

And he is preparing to take the litmus test through his movie 'Dussehra'. It is known that the film has been made at a very ambitious budget which is also the highest in Nani's career. It is being slated for a release on March 30th and Nani has his hopes pinned on this project. He will be seen in a proper mass avatar and it will be as rustic as icon star Allu Arjun's avatar in 'Pushpa'. Here's wishing the best of luck for Nani and his dream. 

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