King Akkineni Nagarjuna is staring at a career crisis with no films hitting the mark these days. And he is equally concerned about the career of his sons as well. His last release during Dasara 'The Ghost' failed at the box office miserably with no takers.

As such, Nag has scored many hits with first time directors and he is reportedly planning to reinvent himself by working with new directors again which he revealed directly. As a result, writer Kumar Bejawada is turning director with a film starring Nagarjuna.

Prasanna Kumar who worked on screenplay for films like 'Nenu Local' and 'Dhamaka' is all set to direct Nag which would be a periodical drama and the film will also have one more prominent hero in the lead role. More details are awaited but Nag is keen on resuming films and he wants to ensure that in a new wave of cinema these days, he needs to reinvent himself with unique roles and movies.

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