The world of technology is so dynamic that what is hot today ends up becoming extinct in a short span. With new discoveries, innovations and inventions, life is getting easier for humans. In that process, the latest sensation in this field is the ChatGPT application and Artificial Intelligence. ChatGPT has the power to write a code in just three minutes which usually took years of studies and hours of programming for the IT folks.

As a result, a fear has risen about job security. However, the experts are saying ChatGPT and AI is not going to reduce jobs but instead it is going to increase the jobs in a big way. Well, they strongly believe that the next demand will be of those employees who are skilled in AI related technologies. Courses related to data curation, data labeling, and recommendations will be in full demand.

Today, about 67% companies in India are spending about less than 10% for AI but in the coming years, they are expected to spend nearly 80%. About 60% of startups are already working on AI related stuff. That way, instead of software jobs there is going to be a huge boom for AI jobs as companies would now look for professionals who can make their systems AI enabled. So, get set for this new revolution folks!

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