The slowly emerging presence of BRS outside Telangana is being watched interestingly by the people of Telugu states. So far, only a few medium profile leaders from Andhra Pradesh made their way into BRS and met with KCR, the CM of Telangana.

Overall, so far it looks like kapu leaders are showing interest and full fledged activity of BRS in AP is yet to begin. If this happens with more intensity, then the Kapu vote that may go to TDP-Jana Sena may be affected, benefitting Jagan Mohan Reddy.

However, if KCR plays dalit card more effectively, then there are high chances that it might affect both TDP and YSRCP. Minorities too trust Telangana CM and if Muslims in AP rally behind BRS, again it may have a different effect on mainstream parties. So, let’s wait and see what would be the impact of BRS by the time elections are held in AP.

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