The party that is unable to regain its lost glory and fading credibility is clearly lifting its hands off in many ways and clearly the way Telangana Congress is heading, proves this fact clearly. The burning issue for now is that of the brazen attitude of its Bhongir MP Komati Reddy Venkat Reddy who has been stoking controversies one after the other.

The Congress high command did a partial climb down recently by appointing a new AICC in-charge for Telangana in place of Manickam Tagore, who faced an open revolt by seniors for his alleged pro-Revanth bias.

This was done to pacify them but it is not working out that much. Komati Reddy refused to meet the new in-charge and met him outside Gandhi Bhavan. He was defiant and said the show cause notices had already been thrown in the dust bin. Sources say it’s only a matter of time before he switches to BJP and Congress is not sacking him to avoid any sympathy wave and is hoping he leaves the party by himself sooner or later.

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