It is known that Telangana Minister KTR's son Himanshu is doing well academically and this is evident in the way KTR proudly shares his son's laurels like any other father. Himanshu's latest initiative as part of extracurricular activities at his school is really being appreciated.

As part of a unique community-oriented initiative from his school every year, Himanshu and his team are reportedly working hard to showcase student talent and creativity. For the current year, his team is organizing stalls to provide opportunities for young entrepreneurs.

Their objective is to create a bridge between environment and education, and showcase innovative products that suit customer tastes and preferences. The proceeds from this event and sales will be directed towards restoration of the biodiversity at the Nanakramguda lake, close to his school in Hyderabad. Himanshu shared all this enthusiastically in a media interview recently. Way to go young boy!

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