While a lot is being spoken about BRS and Congress in Telangana, there is also another force emerging silently. It is the YSRTP headed by Y S Sharmila, daughter of the late Y S Rajasekhar Reddy. Though the party is in its infant stages, it appears the direction it has chosen is going to give it the required footing in Telangana. Now, an interesting update has arrived.

Khammam is garnering a major significance when it comes to political dominance and already the likes of Chandrababu Naidu, KCR have put their strongest foot to show their presence. However, it appears that the game might be won by Sharmila. The person responsible for that would be MP Ponguleti Srinivas Reddy. Since last few weeks, strong indications are coming that Ponguleti will quit BRS party. For sometime, many thought he would join BJP and later on, it switched to Congress.

However, if latest news is to be believed, Ponguleti might join YSRTP. As such, he won the MP seat from YSRCP but later on he joined BRS for political reasons. But in 2019 BRS gave him a shock by not giving him a ticket. Since then, Ponguleti has not been comfortable in the party. Now, his meeting with Sharmila has triggered the aspect of him joining YSRTP. As such, Ponguleti is a people's man and he has his own following in Khammam so which party he represents is not a matter at all. On the other hand, the followers for YSRCP are quite high in Khammam. The fact that Sharmila has decided to contest from Paleru in the upcoming election is evidence to that. All in all, if Ponguleti joins YSRTP then Sharmila's victory looks as good as confirmed in Khammam.

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