Jana Sena head Pawan Kalyan has more or less decided to be silent in Telangana and inthis regard, the personal equation he shares with KTR has played a key role. His absence didn't help BJP in the last year's GHMC elections though BJP hoped to cash in on the mega family fan base and Kapu voters of Greater Hyderabad.

KCR has been giving a lot of preference to Munnur Kapus in Telangana and recently he appointed a former Jana Sena key leader as the BRS chief of AP. Pawan reportedly feels that KCR wants to help Jagan in AP by splitting some Kapu votes.

Hence, Pawan seems to have decided that he should also split settler votes in Hyderabad and border areas and for the first time, he has decided to do something in Telangana which, according to him, would prove his fan base and vote bank in Telangana states as well.

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