The majority of films that have Nandamuri Natasimham Balakrishna have a backdrop of Andhra and mostly Rayalaseema. The inclusion of Hyderabad or Telangana is actually very rare or almost never there. However, the latest attempt from director Anil Ravipudi might just make that happen. He has revealed that in his new movie with Balayya, the demigod of the masses will rock in Telangana slang.

While all this is one side, there seems to be a political angle to it. Some say the whole idea of showing Balayya in a Telangana avatar is all about bringing back TDP to life in this region. There was a time when TDP ruled the roost in this region but today it is practically extinct. Of course, there is sufficient cadre still present and have their loyalty towards the party.

There are also reports that from now on Balayya might focus on roles which will show him speaking the Telangana dialect. The impact of stars on the public and influencing the political dynamics is known so this is going to be an interesting move. Of course, what remains to be seen is how this whole idea of Balayya speaking Telangana style will be received and accepted. 

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