Politics, this is one field where trust and faith is the lowest and if one were to ask the common man of India how much they believe in politicians, the answer will be next to zero. While this is true to a large extent, there are also those individuals who actually believe in bringing a change to this belief and revive the faith on politicians.

A classic example is Kethireddy Venkatarami Reddy, MLA from the Dharmavaram constituency. Every day, he keeps going around in his constituency, visiting the most remote areas and interacting with people at a personal level. There have also been situations where he dealt with certain issues on the spot and resolved the problems of his people.

Now, the people in his constituency are applauding Kethireddy citing he is the most ideal leader as he looks after the wellbeing of the constituency, checks on the welfare of the people, summons the officials on the spot when issues occur. All are mighty impressed with the working style and dynamic approach of Kethireddy and are calling him the most ideal MLA in Andhra Pradesh. Let us wish he becomes a role model for the rest.

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