No matter how much Chandrababu has been trying hard to get into the good books of PM Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah, they seem to be resisting it to a large extent. Babu has even tried lobbying hard through Ramoji Rao, whom BJP high command respects.

This too didn’t reportedly work out. He has tried to parade the left over strength in Telangana and used Pawan Kalyan to a very large extent in this endeavour but BJP is even ready to sacrifice Pawan Kalyan but not compromise with him to include TDP in their alliance.

According to sources, BJP has developed such a strong distaste for Babu that they have effectively pushed him to their non-grata Nitish Kumar club. They feel both these leaders can never be trusted again and they shouldn’t be given any opportunity anymore since they don’t hesitate to dump BJP at their whim. Hence, BJP is planning to go alone in Telugu states minus TDP.

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