It is an open fact that YSRCP leaders and cadres detest former CBI boss in the state, JD Lakshmi Narayana. They believe that it was his aggressive witch hunt that had led to Jagan being jailed in what they believe were false cases and  unsubstantiated corruption charges.

Hence, there has been bitter acrimony between both the parties. JD contested on Jana Sena ticket earlier and left the party. However, what is surprising is the constant praise by him of Jagan government’s policies and programs.

He supported Jagan’s idea of decentralization of all government wings, he also extended support recently to the controversial GO No.1 saying it is required to maintain a sense of discipline. Now he has wholeheartedly praised Jagan Mohan Reddy for starting the one-of-its-kind Kidney Research centre in Srikakulam district for the benefit of Uddhanam kidney patients. The cozying up seems to hint at something, but if JD indeed switches to Jagan camp, it will be a huge moral victory for YSRCP.

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