When it was thought that all is well with Jagan Mohan Reddy’s government in Andhra Pradesh, slowly some cracks are suffering that don't augur well for the party’s prospects. The revolt by Anam and now by Vasantha Krishna Prasad has been creating unnecessary headlines.

Recently the statements of Roja and Gudivada Amarnath, two ministers in Jagan’s cabinet regarding political issues, have not gone down with YSRCP cadre. They believe that Jagan has done a lot of hard work despite covid pandemic striking and the schemes of his government should speak for itself.

The statements by Dharmana and a few other leaders that North Coastal Andhra should be made a separate state too didn’t go down well. Many feel that after so much effort, it’s high time Jagan focus on his party and create a fresh agenda for debate and discussions and change the political discourse to gain victory for his party again.

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