The Andhra Pradesh high court has temporarily suspended the recent controversial government order (GO Rt No. 1) issued by the AP government that bans roadshows and public rallies on road, till January 23rd. This is in response to a lunch-motion PIL filed by Communist Party of India (CPI) state secretary K Ramakrishna recently.

It is known that the AP government had issued this GO restricting road shows and political rallies on state and national highways, following the deaths that occurred at the public meetings of TDP Chandrababu Naidu in Nellore and Guntur two weeks ago.

Sources say that even YSRCP leadership was aware of the negative opinion slowly building up against the government from certain sections of the public and civil society and they were hoping that rather than government make a U-turn, once it reaches court, they could put a weak defense and then find a way out from this controversy. So, in a way the high court order has made it easier for the government to extricate itself out of this issue slowly.

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