Ganta Srinivas Rao has many parties on his resume and he is quite at ease when it comes to changing political colours. Neither TDP nor YSRCP have any clue as to whom he was strongly associated in the last three years. TDP felt he left but he was still around while YSRCP leaders felt he had almost entered their party but they weren’t sure.

With reports of TDP-Jana Sena alliance in the offing, Ganta seems to have decided to stay in TDP for now due to the advantage of Kapu votes consolidation and in this regard he met Lokesh after a long time. He has reportedly conveyed his intention to work for the party.

However, all is not over. This is only his current stand and he is quite comfortable to enter YSRCP if TDP doesn’t get more mileage in the next coming months. So he hasn’t jumped for now and he is still sitting on the fence, in a smart manner.

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