When it was established, there were great expectations surrounding Jana Sena because everyone believed its founder Pawan Kalyan had come with a vision and he would become the next Che Guevara of Andhra Pradesh.  It also attracted a lot of youth towards the party who thought Pawan is going to transform the political dynamics.

However, all that turned out to be a bubble which burst in no time. Jana Sena didn't contest in 2014 and instead it supported TDP. In 2019, Pawan Kalyan contested and lost. Meanwhile, he started earning the tag of ‘Package Star’ and ‘Datta Putrudu’ from YSRCP with allegations that he is getting money from TDP and he is working as per instructions of Chandrababu.

But then, the Jana Sena loyalists rebuked such claims and maintained that their party and leader are capable of fending for themselves and they will emerge victorious in the upcoming elections. Before they could really finish the statement, the latest gesture from Pawan put their foot in their mouth. Well, Pawan had an official meeting with Chandrababu and going by the wind, it looks like Jana Sena will once again play a supporting role to TDP. As a result, the Jana Sena loyalists who have been working hard to erase the tag of ‘Package Star’ and what not are now stuck badly.

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