Politics is one field when one has to disown his/her family in the race for power and publicity. Given that, even a working relationship doesn’t count. There was a time when megastar Chiranjeevi and Roja worked as hero-heroine in movies and scored hits too. However, both entered politics and things started changing.

Cut to the present, Chiru is back to movies but Roja has become a minister. However, it appears her approach towards Chiru has not changed. The latest from her happens to be a statement which has rubbed the mega fans in a very big way. In a recent press meet, Roja reportedly said both Chiru, Naga Babu and Pawan Kalyan have no emotions and that’s why people have rejected them in their constituencies.

This statement has evoked a huge uproar from mega fans and already mega brother Naga Babu has reportedly equated Roja’s mouth to a dustbin. It is also heard that the noted TV artiste Getup Srinu has condemned the statements from Roja and has urged her to withdraw whatever she said. While the uproar continues, it remains to be seen what Roja has to say about all this. 

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