From a long time, there is a strong grapevine that Pawan Kalyan is a puppet in the hands of Chandrababu Naidu and Pawan is now being called the ‘Package Star’ as he is alleged to be taking a package from Chandrababu and doing whatever the TDP supremo says. Now, the duo has met again and it has evoked a lot of reactions.

First in the list is Minister Gudivada Amarnath who already has a special focus on Pawan. This time, he came up with a tweet which is evoking smiles. The essence of the tweet goes like this ‘The adopted son has approached his adopted father to gather the Sankranthi festival collection’. It is known that the Sankranthi festival is just four days away and hence this tweet with this timing.

It is also known that Pawan had once taken out his slipper and threatened that he would slap anyone who calls him ‘Package Star’. While the war of words is on, everyone is enjoying this latest tweet from Minister Amarnath and it is going viral in a big way

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