Chandrababu Naidu may well be known as a master strategist but he also has a dark side, he has a strong ‘use and throw’ mindset. This was clearly evident in the way he and his party dealt with young tiger Junior NTR. It is known that during the 2009 elections, NTR went out of his way to canvass for TDP.

However, TDP failed to win that election and after that, NTR stayed away from politics and stuck to do films. Yet, the TDP gang didn’t spare him. At every opportunity possible, they targeted NTR and dragged him into unwanted political spats and controversies. Given all that, the latest grapevine is causing concern among fans of Tarak.

Well, it is heard that Chandrababu has again started making moves to bond with NTR and the intent is clear. This is touted to be Naidu’s last election and if he doesn’t win this, it is curtains down for TDP so the veteran wants to pull all cards possible. As part of that, NTR is also being approached so that his fan base can be leveraged into vote bank. But then, NTR’s fans are expressing their displeasure openly on social media and urging the star not to fall into Chandrababu’s trap. Let us see how this will shape up.

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