The much-hyped padayatra of Nara Lokesh, 'Yuvagalam' is going on as planned and despite no great crowds, pro-TDP media is focusing on highlighting it and jacking it up since they have no other choice. Keeping this apart, now one more issue is coming to the fore.

Many YSRCP social media users highlighted that Lokesh could have deferred his padayatra by a day or two or till Taaraka Rathna gets alright. It is known that while formally launching Lokesh's event, he suffered a massive heart attack and he is now critical at a Bangalore hospital.

They are questioning whether it was wise for Lokesh to look cheerful and continue his walkathon when a person from the Nandamuri family who came to support him is now in a critical state. They are comparing him to his father and TDP boss Chandrababu who was insensitive to NTR's plight in his last days after the family coup in 1995.

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