The clock is ticking for the elections in Andhra Pradesh and things have been going in a very dynamic way with each passing day. The major focus area happens to be how the opposition parties are going to face Jagan and his charisma. In this regard, it appears that Jana Sena leader Pawan Kalyan is in the midst of things.

According to grapevine, BJP has reportedly told Pawan he should not form an alliance with anyone but Pawan reportedly said if BJP and TDP form an alliance he will stand by BJP. In the end, the indications are strong that Pawan will form an alliance with TDP because BJP has no face or cadre or presence. This would mean he has done it against the dictum of BJP.

In repatriation, will they organize any IT or ED raids against PK? Will they start digging out his records or will they just let him join hands with TDP and face the music. The analysts say in case a 50-50 seat sharing deal happens then BJP will start taking action but if Pawan gets around 20 or 30 seats they may not take it seriously. Bottom line is, as long as TDP doesn't gain strength, BJP is fine with it.

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