Pawan Kalyan may well be a film star with an amazing fan following but his real life role as a politician has drawn the exact opposite reactions. Right from the time he started his party Jana Sena, there are many things which have been in limbo due to lack of clarity and thought from Pawan. However, there are those who have still stood by him.

One among them is Nadendla Manohar who has been the be-all and do-all for Jana Sena. He has been playing a pivotal role in maintaining some balance in the party and ensuring the day to day happenings go smoothly. In a way, he has been the backbone for Pawan in the political front. However, the latest grapevine coming from Jana Sena camp is not showing a good sign. Buzz is that even Nadendla Manohar has reached his point of saturation.

According to few insiders, he is miffed with Pawan's stand on various things. With the elections soon approaching, Jana Sena is yet to form a proper strategy on how to proceed and whom to form an alliance. It is heard that Manohar's main cause of concern is Pawan's lack of focus on strengthening the party from inside. All this is leading to a strong talk that Manohar might quit the party at any moment. Some say he is waiting for a time closer to the elections and then he would make the exit. If this happens Jana Sena and Pawan would be in a big soup.

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