They are officially alliance partners in Andhra Pradesh but this is only on paper. For all practical purposes, BJP and Jana Sena are going ahead with their independent agendas and strategies and are totally at odds with each other over several issues.

The BJP wants to go without TDP and Pawan wants TDP. BJP doesn't like TDP but TDP too is eager for BJP. This is a conundrum that is yet to unravel but the BJP leaders seem to be very upset about how Jana Sena is moving ahead by welcoming BJP leaders into its fold.

In a state where there is already less cadre, the way Jana Sena is taking BJP cadre on a wholesale basis has not gone down well, with BJP cadre realizing that it's better to be with Pawan Kalyan. BJP Rajya Sabha MP GVL thundered saying that they won't accept such moves by Pawan's party and they will fight it out against such unethical things in their so called alliance.

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