There are ego issues that affect simple things sometimes and it's better to let things go. This is the way the padyatra of Nara Lokesh is happening currently. His Yuvagalam yathra is expected to start in a few days and all the while TDP leaders had waited for the permission.

The permission came late and it had too many riders such that it is now an open talk that everyone feels there are unnecessary rules that is definitely not a good thing for democracy. Even YSRCP leaders are saying that Jagan wasn't restricted this way during his walkathon.

They feel that Jagan may be having a coterie who is not advising properly. Hence, they feel that by placing too many hurdles Jagan should not make a hero out of Lokesh which is not good in the long term. They feel that Jagan should step in and ensure it goes off smoothly without giving unnecessary ammunition for TDP.

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