YSRCP follows a strict code of conduct when it comes to adherence to party protocols and this is being implemented effectively, thanks to Y S Jagan. He is quite clear that anyone who violates it will not be spared and recently he came up with a few measures asserting he means what he says.

For a few months, the YSRCP MLA Anam Ramnarayan Reddy has been coming up with statements criticizing the party, the system. While the first few statements of his were ignored, it appears that Anam crossed the line and rubbed Jagan on the wrong side. And the consequences have begun.

Anam has been replaced with Nedurumalli Ramkumar Reddy as the Tirupathi district head. Even the gunmen have been reduced and not stopping at that, the government also sent a message to Anam thanking him for his involvement in 'Gadapagadapaku Mana Prabhutvam' and suggesting his presence is no longer required. Doing so, Jagan has sent a strong message across the party that anyone who resorts to blackmail politics will be taken to task without any compromise.

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