Before every election, major political parties face a lot of dissent and infighting. It would be an exaggeration to say that YSRCP will not face it and naturally, the party seems to be preparing for the same, keeping in mind the 2024 assembly polls.

At a ripe time, the MLC elections would come in handy for Jagan. By June, around 24 MLC seats are expected to be vacant in AP legislative council and clearly 21 of these are expected to be easily won by YSRCP. Such a huge number of these seats are a big advantage for the party.

Wherever an alternate candidate is being chosen to contest for an assembly seat, strong rivals who might become troublemakers when tickets are denied are reportedly being shortlisted for these seats. Sources say that Jagan is aiming at pacifying such strong leaders well before elections so that they don't affect party prospects and remain united at cadre level.

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