When in a job, it is part of the course to have career dreams and aspirations but when you start treating politics as a job instead of an opportunity to do public service, things change. However, it appears that some of the key leaders of TDP are more focused on making their career plans instead of discussing how best they can serve the people if they come to power.

The top in that list seems to be the senior leader Ayyanna Patrudu. Those who have been observing his interactions with the media are having a quiet laugh. Well, he has been speaking as if TDP has already come to power. And here comes the best part. He is already giving statements on what actions he will take as soon as he becomes the Home Minister.

As everyone is aware, the Home Minister post is the most coveted after the CM and the takers are always many. But Ayyanna Patrudu's statements and his behaviour at the present moment is certainly becoming a case of good humour. Many are suggesting that instead of floating in the Home Minister dreams, what Ayyanna Patrudu and TDP team should focus upon is, how to win the elections and most importantly, how to win the confidence of the people of Andhra Pradesh.   

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