The relation between the Nara family and Nandamuri family runs deep but if one were to look at the history it appears there is some issue. Many years ago young tiger Jr NTR met with an accident when he was canvassing for TDP. He got injured severely and escaped death narrowly. 

Now, Taaraka Ratna is in hospital in critical condition and he was in Kuppam doing the groundwork for Lokesh's Padayatra. With this, some are saying father is iron leg and son is double iron leg. As it is, sentiments work strongly in cinema and politics and they feel the Nara association is turning out to be a curse for Nandamuri grandsons as they are hit by life threatening accidents.

Incidentally, Nandamuri Harikrishna, Janakiram died in road accidents when Chandrababu Naidu was CM. It is also leading to another speculation that Balayya who believes in horoscopes, auspicious time is safe because of his divine bent. Some feel a bad omen about all this and wonder what Balayya has to say about this.

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