Cast – Thiruveer, Karthik Adusumilli, Kavya Kalyanram

The film Masooda is a horror drama movie. Directed by Sai Kiran, it is based on the story of Gopi (Thiruveer), a soft spoken and timid software engineer. Gopi starts loving his colleague Minni (Kavya Kalyan Ram) but he never gains the courage to interact directly with her. Neelam, playing the role of a music teacher lives in Gopi’s neighborhood and she is separated already from her husband.

Neelam lives with her daughter Bandhavi Sridhar (played by Nazia Haasan). She faces a struggle to move forward but equally this is a challenging thing for her. At this juncture, Neelam’s daughter gets possessed by a ghost called Masooda. After this, Gopi decides to support Neelam to get her out of this situation.

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