It’s Moon celebration and the children with the residents are celebrating. It is accepted that on this day, the Moon pixie shows up and gives an endowment of youth, interminability and life time plushness to somebody. A ravenous old ruler, who has destroyed his whole standing looking for the moon pixie, has been furtively observing all the festival and has been awaiting his opportunity sitting tight for his chance as he needs every one of the three shelters for him and himself alone.

The moon pixie shows up at last and picks Bheem, Raju, and Chutki for the gift. As she drones the psalm and three sparkling spheres continue towards them three, the voracious lord comes in the middle of right on schedule and the circles hit him. He becomes youthful, undying and lavish. He begins utilizing his power quickly to administer over individuals and assumes control over the realm too.Follow us on Google News

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