Budding actress Sreeleela is gearing up to entertain Telugu audiences with her second film, after her debut with the movie PelliSandaD.

In this picture, she looks at her ravishing best trying to tease us with her looks and a traditional form of sex appeal. She will be seen in Raviteja’s Dhamaka movie and Sreeleela’s pep talk during the promotions for this film is turning people’s attention towards her. She has some nice vibes, energy and effusive body language that can endear herself to the youth. She also reveals that she is a little orthodox, and her looks in the picture nails it.

She is planning for the long term here. Her ease and comfort with the industry shows that she can carry herself well and if Dhamaka creates a really good dhamaka for her at box office, then it may be the start of Sreeleela’s innings to rock.

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