Power star Pawan Kalyan enjoys a special craze among his fans and one of the major reasons for that are the songs and fights. In many instances, his films created a major craze as the songs got released prior and set the right expectations. Even his action sequences are quite different which give a special experience to the audience.

Given that, how would it be if Pawan is doing a movie which has no songs and fights? Well, this seems to be the point of concern for his fans. It is known that Pawan is doing a project with director Sujeeth of 'Saaho' fame and reports say this film has no songs or fights. Ironically, it is touted to be a gangster flick and the concept poster of an original gangster came out which created a major buzz.

But this news of no songs or fights has shocked the fans. The fact that it is going to be a gangster based subject is reminding them of the movie 'Panjaa' which came many years ago. Even that film failed to work because it had more drama than any gripping fight sequences. Now that the fear is out, it remains to be seen if Sujeeth will rework on this feedback or will Pawan continue in his own style.

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