A hero can belong to any tier but he will have his share of fans and they won't take it lightly if their hero is being overlooked or belittled. And if the hero is Mass Maharaj Ravi Teja, the fan base is extremely high and so is the affection. This is something megastar Chiranjeevi and mega powerstar Ram Charan seem to have taken lightly.

During the success event of 'Waltair Veerayya', Chiru was sharing his thoughts and recalled a scene from the film. In relation to that, he spoke about Ravi Teja which in a way communicated that the Mass Maharaj is a small hero. This has not gone well with Ravi Teja's fans. And the issue didn't stop there.

While sharing his thoughts, Charan addressed Ravi Teja with his name without any prefix or suffix. Within no time, the internet went abuzz with trolling both Chiru and Charan reminding them of Ravi Teja's star stature and how the star is 20 years elder than Charan. Even some of the netizens who are not fans of Ravi Teja joined the bandwagon and gave their share of blasting. Of course, Ravi Teja has immense respect for Chiru and he has a close bond with Charan as well but for now the fans are not very pleased with the incident.

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