When a film is planned with a notable hero and that too someone from a reputed film family, the buzz and hungama is not normal. And if the hero happens to be Akkineni Akhil, the impact should certainly be high. However, none of that seems to be happening with Akhil's ambitious project 'Agent'.

Touted to be a spy thriller and being helmed by Surendar Reddy, the film is reportedly made at a whopping budget of 80 crores and has been planned as a Pan India project. Given all these parameters, one would expect the film to create enough noise to draw the attention of the audience. As if that is not enough, here is another update.

It is heard that the makers have locked April 14th as the release date which means the film has around three months. Usually, this is a good time to take off with the promotions when it's a pan India project but none of it is happening. This is leading to doubts among many if the film has not shaped the way it was supposed to. Of course, one fundamental thought is still coming among the netizens. They are finding it hard to believe Akhil can really carry the role of a spy so convincingly. Let us see what happens.

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