Nandamuri Natasimham Balakrishna is no less than a God to his fans and a demigod to the mass lovers. Be it mythological, period or social, he is very good when it comes to roles with powerful mass elements and intensity. However, the one department he lacks is comedy. Even his contemporaries like Nagarjuna, Chiranjeevi and Venkatesh are quite successful but Balayya has always failed.

Now, one decision taken by Balayya is putting all his fans in tension. It is known that Balayya's next is going to be with director Anil Ravipudi. Now, Anil's strongest forte is comedy and even this time, it is heard that he is going to bank on comedy using Balayya. This is coming as a jolt to the fans. As such, it is hard to see Balayya doing comedy even for a few minutes.

Given that, if Balayya is doing an out and out comedy role, the fans are getting tensed whether it would end up becoming a mockery. To add to the challenges, it is heard that the film is going to be made on Telangana backdrop so Balayya is expected to speak in Telangana which is again a first for him. Given so many odds, will Balayya be really able to pull it off? This anxiety is killing the fans now.


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