The seductive beauty Shruti Haasan, a current leading actress has become a hot favorite these days for senior heroes as she effortlessly romances all of them despite age difference. Her presence in Veera Simha Reddy and Waltair Veerayya too has added to her achievements list.

Despite being the daughter of star Kamal Haasan, she wasn't keen towards stardom and has been doing roles as they come. She is now reportedly dating Doodle artist Shantanu Hazarika and has been vocal about appreciating him on social media.

According to grapevine, she is expected to get hitched to him very soon. Mostly in 2023 Shruti Haasan is all set to marry Shantanu, since they have also secured the approval of both families. If this news is true it is going to break the hearts of her fans and it also remains to be seen if Shruti will continue doing films or not.

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