In what can be called one of the most path breaking statements, Chief Minister Jagan has announced that Vizag is going to be the working capital for Andhra Pradesh. This has lit up the stars in the eyes of the real estate folks and there are many factors to call Vizag the dream destination.

For starters, Vizag is the favorite place for many, irrespective of whether it is announced as the capital or not. Anyone who visits it will not leave it. Given the beautiful sea view, and mountain view, it is an established city with cosmopolitan culture, a naval base, and finest educational institutions.

To top it all, Vizag is a very peaceful and vibrant city with hardly any crime. Recently, even Chiranjeevi also mentioned he will keep his vacation home there. As it is, many are buying properties there and once an official announcement happens, all the rates will get doubled and it will be a boom time for the real estate industry.

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