When it comes to political victories, the tried and tested formula seems to be doing Padayatras. Many have seen significant mileage and results by doing it and now, one more leader is gearing up to do it. She is none other than Y S Sharmila, the chief of YSRTP and she is going to start her padayatra.

This has become a sentiment of sorts for the political party heads but only Pawan has chosen a different path. He is going to do a bus Yatra with his armored green vehicle Vaarahi. Speaking about Sharmila's yatra, a peculiar thought is coming into perspective. While the expectations are high, there is no media or channel to cover her activities.

Yet she is moving ahead with confidence that she will connect with the voters personally. As such, her father and brother won the elections after doing Padayatras so she also believes it will work for her. Sources close to Sharmila reveal she is quoting the example of Mahatma Gandhi citing he never had media coverage when he did Padayatra so she is going to take the same route. Well, the political experts say keeping aside the chance of winning seats, even if Sharmila manages to get a vote share that will be a considerable victory for her and her party.

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