There is a talk in political circles that Bandi Sanjay, who taught the Telangana BJP a bit of aggression, has stirred up controversies to the same extent. Bandi Sanjay's tenure is soon getting over. With assembly elections approaching next year, will the Telangana BJP be led once again by Bandi Sanjay and whether he will get an extension is something that is being watched keenly.

He feels that KCR should be defeated in the next election and BJP should come to power. BJP insists on doing anything for this. When the 'Farmhouse Files' came out, the actions of the BJP were criticized and their true colours were revealed. Recently, BJP Telangana affairs in-charge Tarun Chugh gave a twist that once again Bandi Sanjay will be the BJP chief but the official announcement is yet to come from Delhi.

Modi and Amit Shah are reportedly positive about Bandi Sanjay. But there is a campaign going on in the state BJP that the opposition within is also strong. Recently Nizamabad MP Dharmapuri Arvind criticized Bandi's comments on Kavitha.

There is a talk that Bandi Sanjay is increasing his image as the president and not strengthening the party. The leaders of the saffron party are putting up an aggressive show but they are unable to crack or predict KCR's ideas. At this moment, there is also a serious discussion about who will be the CM candidate from BJP. There are reports that BJP will give him a position in the center and take away the party chief position. The party is yet to make an official statement on this.

In the meantime, Etala, Vivek and Komatireddy, who joined from other parties, and Union Minister Kishan Reddy are also pitched against Bandi.  While one section strongly wants to continue Bandi Sanjay, it is reported that seniors are lobbying not to extend it. Let's wait for the official news soon.

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