The accomplishment of the "Naatu Naatu" song by the RRR team has been so profound that commendation is pouring in from all directions, following Keeravani and Chandrabose receiving the Best Original Song Oscar Award the other day. Sources say that both the Indian government and the Telangana govt. are planning to appreciate and celebrate the team's success with honorary events.

The Telangana Government is reportedly planning a significant celebration for the RRR team, given that most of the film was shot in Hyderabad, and almost all of the film's top actors and technicians reside in Hyderabad.

With the TS government's special felicitation for the RRR team expected, there are reports that the central government is planning much more. Notably, Vijayendra Prasad, RRR writer Rajamouli's father, is a Rajya Sabha member who has been nominated under the President's category by none other than Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself.

Various members of Rajya Sabha have responded positively to CM Ramesh's (BJP) request for a ceremony to recognize the team's success. However, Congress today made a satirical comment that PM Modi should not take any credit for RRR's Oscar success too. There is a criticism that everything good for the country is given PM Modi's colour and immediately BJP hijacks the victory. Hence, there is a talk that any felicitation by Centre has to be observed carefully as BJP will plan to cash in on the Hindutva leaning elements in the film, before the next year's general elections.

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