The Telugu Desam Party played a critical role in the recent Port Blair Municipal Council election, ultimately paving the way for the BJP to take control of the municipality. In the election, the BJP and Congress each won 10 seats, while the Telugu Desam secured two seats, and the DMK won one.

The DMK, which backed Congress, was able to increase its tally to 11. However, Telugu Desam's two seats were crucial in determining the election's outcome. After discussions with party leadership, the TDP decided to support the BJP. With TDP's support, the BJP's tally increased to 12, and the two parties formed an alliance.

In response to the victory, BJP National President JP Nadda tweeted his congratulations to the BJP-TDP alliance, recognizing their hard work and dedication to the people of Port Blair. Nadda also noted that the victory was a testament to the trust the people had in PM Narendra Modi's vision.

The BJP aims to overthrow BRS in Telangana, while the TDP seeks to take down YSRCP with the help of BJP and Jana Sena. Despite these ambitions, the atmosphere between BJP and Telugu Desam hasn't synced properly till now and Babu is hoping that BJP will open doors for him after Andaman success.

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